Real life retargeting platform

Target, Engage & Learn


Create client based segments by combining historical and physical navigation data from your mobile app and their in store behaviour.


Adopt drive to store and create contextualized marketing campaigns targeted to your users real world journeys. Increase your ROI and the engagement ratio of your clients.


Go through your data and find usage with it. Dare understand your clients by analyzing their habits and journeys.

A contextualized customer journey


Open the gates of your mobile app, get to know your clients through their navigation behaviour. Monitor the statistics linked to your application : navigation habits, shopping funnel analyzation, add to cart...


Identify your customer habits and discover their universe via their caracteristics : recurrent locations, favourite locations, cultural locations, shopping locations...


Get real time customer data on their in-store journey. Understand their buying habits and analyze your in store traffic : visitors count, presence duration, average returning visits ratio, number of push messages sent...